Voice4Them Volunteering on 17th Jan 2017

On Tuesday 17th January, Voice4Them have announced that they will be organizing come Volunteer work at SIFA Fireside.

SIFA Fireside is a local homelessness charity organisation in Birmingham that was set up to improve the health and lifestyle of homeless people in the area.

Recently, due to increased support SIFA have been able to offer help to the homeless community for 7 days a week rather than 5.

“Many of the people we work with – our clients – are affected by alcohol, facing mental and physical health problems or otherwise socially excluded. We run a daily Drop-In service where we provide on average 1031 breakfasts, 2009 lunches and 429 showers each month for our clients.” – SIFA Fireside

The Voice4Them team will send around 8 people to volunteer on this day.

If you wish to volunteer yourself click here.

Like SIFA Fireside of Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

To stay updated about the work of Voice4Them, follow The Downgrade Project!




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