My content has moved…

My content has now moved. I’ve had a fantastic year running this blog and I am very greatful to everyone who took there time to follow, like and read my posts. You’re all wonerful but it is time for some bigger changes now.

My PCOS content will now be published in collaboration with Cysters. An opportunity I am unbelievably excited for because I will be part of an organisation that shows women with gynae-health issues that they are never alone.

I have started a new blog of my own but more professional and journalistic. It is a data/investigative journalism news blog called The Briti. It is student led and there will be opportunities to contribute articles. You can do this via the Submit News part of the site or you can email me at There will be an app for the site coming soon.

Thank you all so much for the last two and a half years and best of luck with all your blogging! I will now be logging out of wordpress for good.

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That ridiculous BBC Gender Pay Gap…

The governement forced the BBC to release the salaries for its highest paid entertainers and journalists to the British public this week. Many members of the British public had noticed that there was a dramatic gap between the pay between male and female workers.

The BBC is facing a huge backlash after the list exposed huge gender and minority inequality as woman are beginging to demand action to close the pay gap. It was revealed that the corporation’s highest-paid presenter is Chris Evans, earning at least £2.2 million.

Claudia Winkleman, the best-paid female star, took home at least £450,000, which is around a fifth of Evans’ pay. Then there is Emily Maitlis, who did not appear on the list, which only details staff earning more than £150,000. Her Newsnight co-star Evan Davis earns at least £250,000. Maitlis, who is currently not under contract, is reportedly considering her future at the BBC after the revelation.

Just 10 of the 96 names on the list are non-white, with sports presenter Jason Mohammad the highest-paid ethnic minority on at least £250,000 – a ninth of what Evans earned.

See it for yourself here.

Now, some of the BBC’s most high-profile female stars are demanding that the BBC act now to fix the gender pay gap. Presenters Clare Balding, Victoria Derbyshire and Emily Maitlis are among those who have signed an open letter to director general Tony Hall.

Education Secretary Justine Greening said the BBC’s gender pay gap was “hard to justify”, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said discrepancies were “astronomical”.

Something needs to be done.

University workplacement: My first front page story

My article on Albie-Joe Ramshaw is featured on the front page of today’s Echo! 💙
Check it online here:

Voice4Them Volunteering on 17th Jan 2017

On Tuesday 17th January, Voice4Them have announced that they will be organizing come Volunteer work at SIFA Fireside.

SIFA Fireside is a local homelessness charity organisation in Birmingham that was set up to improve the health and lifestyle of homeless people in the area.

Recently, due to increased support SIFA have been able to offer help to the homeless community for 7 days a week rather than 5.

“Many of the people we work with – our clients – are affected by alcohol, facing mental and physical health problems or otherwise socially excluded. We run a daily Drop-In service where we provide on average 1031 breakfasts, 2009 lunches and 429 showers each month for our clients.” – SIFA Fireside

The Voice4Them team will send around 8 people to volunteer on this day.

If you wish to volunteer yourself click here.

Like SIFA Fireside of Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

To stay updated about the work of Voice4Them, follow The Downgrade Project!



Journalism Ruined My Love Of Social Media!

As we are currently in the digital age, everyone seems to be more connected with each other through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc. Well, I for one have always been a social media addict as I feel disconnected from the world when I have a lack of internet and find it hard to not spend hours upon hours before bed scrolling through memes that come up on my newsfeed as I tell myself a constant lie that “I will go to bed soon”.

As everyone who reads this blog surely knows that I go to university to study Media and Communications: Journalism and that is where this all started…

Day 1 of Journalism in Practice seminars offered me a window into how it would ruin my whole social media experience…

“You are all using Twitter wrong” – Ross Hawkes

How can you use Twitter wrong? – That’s a good question and it’s the same naive question I asked myself when he said that.

Basically, we need to use lists on Twitter to find leads for stories and obviously with production days here and having two deadlines a week, you can best believe that I have monitored lists that’re attached to any news outlet in the west midlands and now… I can’t stop!

Every time I go on Twitter I automatically check for leads… I have become some sort of Journalist robot.

“You always need to have your Journalism brain switched on” – Ross Hawkes

Yes, this has been the best advice anyone has ever given me when getting through production days… but what happens when they’re over? How do I switch off and relax for a bit?

I can’t.

There are some people in the class who don’t seem to be as bothered about the leads and sometimes can’t seem to find any, whereas I have had a few occasions where I have had multiple events in one day and obviously I can’t cover them all.

It hurts my head.

I just want a good nights sleep. And a hot chocolate. Don’t skip out on the whipped cream either.