Porn is dangerous…

Most women are no stranger to dealing with creepy men on the internet. I, for one, have had to argue with my fair share, due to the fact that large chested women like me are often seen as nothing more than a nice cleavage to stare into.

I’m used to the comments about my ‘nice tits’ and ‘blowjob lips’, I am no stranger to those. I am not saying that those comments are okay in any way. I’ve just heard them so many times from creepy lost souls who have found their way into my messages that it has now ceased to bother me. These men just seem to think that any woman who posts a selfie on the internet is after their sexual attention… excuse me fellas, I was just having a good eyeliner day.

Although, men seem to think that these comments are okay, I had diluded myself into thinking that men still had some boundaries (even if they are far apart from ours.) To my horror… I received this the other night.

I had dated this guy for a very short time (upon discovering he was a homophobe towards gay men but fetishises lesbians, I really wanted to forget he existed.)  Unfortunately I had made the discovery of his out-of-date attidudes, after sharing a bed with him twice, which is why I felt even worse about recieving this text.

As you can see by the screenshot, I did tell him he was fantasizing about raping me but he tried to justify his actions by claiming he didn’t know it was rape because he had seen it on a porn site.

PORN IS FAKE!!!! Lads, I can’t stress that point enough. Porn is acting, the only reason why it’s not rape on there is because the actress isn’t really asleep. If you were to do something to a woman or anyone for that matter while they were asleep, that is rape. They are not awake to consent.

The porn industry is hugely problematic and does desensitize young people but the guy who was texting me was older than me. He should know better.

So far, in the last few weeks I have seen news stories about a woman who was raped in her sleep by her husband, who recorded it on his phone and a 12 year old boy who raped his 4 year old sister during games of hide and seek, where police had also found porn on his phone. It’s just plain disgusting and shouldn’t happen. Non-consensual sex should not be glorified in any form of media and grown men should know better.

Crime Scenes so close to home…

It’s scary when something deadly happens so close to home. Even with all the police around, you still feel uncomfortable, like the chill of death is just lingering around.Well, last night seemed like an alright night until I woke up to some awful news this morning…

Around 1am, I was disturbed by the flashing blue lights of a police car entering the street and driving down past the allotments. Usually, in my village, the police are out because of the local ‘chavs’ (believe me, even I have made complaints about them before, Had fireworks thrown at me. They missed. Chavs don’t have the best aim).

This morning I woke up to the news that a woman’s body had been found in a blazing car, literally across the road from my house. I can see the crime scene from my bedroom window (featured image).

The event is said to be being treated as unexplained, which makes it all the more frightening.

The victim has yet to be identified in the news. Follow the story on the local news paper here.

Punishing kids with parents on low-income…

So I saw this letter from last year doing its rounds on the internet and all I can think… is WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with this country and it’s education system. Seriously… I was in a good mood but now I’m in a ranting one…


Lunch isolation… what even is that? A punishment for the less fortunate kids? Imagining punishing a child because of their families income… as a matter of fact… imagine punishing the family for that? They have no control over it. They earn what they earn and you should be building them up not tearing them down. Imagine how awful that poor child must feel now!

You are teaching schools that lower class pupils are worth less than their higher class friends. You are teaching them that being poor and poverty is a matter of behaviour and not circumstance, how will they ever learn to help those in need if you don’t have the kindness to do the same?

Get a grip British schools!




Children who have touched the hearts of millions

It seems like the in the world today more and more children are getting ill… illnesses that you wouldn’t usually expect children to have but these are the children that are changing the way we all see the world. They are making us see the truth, that illness and even death isn’t always fair. So here are a few of the children that have touched the hearts of millions…

Bradley Lowery (17th May 2011 – 7th July 2017)


Everyone has heard the story of brave Bradley’s battle against neuro blastoma from his diagnosis when he was just 18 months old. He fought for a long time and at one point it was thought that the little one had won his fight but he relapsed and lost his battle in early July.  The youngsters friendship with former Sunderland player, Jermain Defoe tugged at the heart strings of many as the whole world seemed to watch them grow a bond that seemed unbreakable.

Charlie Gard (Born: 4th August 2016)


Charlie Gard was born in August 2016 and seemed perfectly healthy but soon after his health began to deteriorate and it was found that the tot has a disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, as both of his parents Connie and Chris were unknowingly carrying the faulty gene. The parents were told by the staff of Great Olmond Street hospital that their child would not be well enough to travel to the US for treatment. The parents took court action and the legal battle has been publicised for months but this week they called off the court case because of their child’s health. The family now want Charlie to die peacfully at home but the doctors are refusing that too.

The court cases has resulted in the doctors at the hospital recieving death threats.

Eileidh Rose Paterson (14th March 2017 – 1st July 2017)


Eileidh Rose Paterson was born on 14 March 2012, weighing 6lb 1oz. Her life changed in May 2014 when she was just 2 years old as she started to experience difficulty breathing. Her mother, Gail, also noticed that Eileidh’s tummy was bloated. Their GP prescribed medication for trapped wind and told them to return the next day if Eileidh was no better.  The family GP immediately arranged for Eileidh to be seen at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. After many tests throughout the night, Gail was taken into a small room and told the devastating news that a tumour had been found in Eileidh’s abdomen and that an MRI scan was needed. Unfortunately the scan results showed that she had Stage 4 High Risk neuroblastoma. In her final days the family arranged for Eileidh to have her dream wedding with her best friend.

Albie Joe Ramshaw (Born: November 2015)


Albie-Joe Ramshaw was diagnosed with leukaemia aged just six-weeks-old in December 2015.  He was taken to a walk-in centre by loving mum India for problems with his chest when the problem was first uncovered. The plucky youngster was given steroids and feeding tubes during the course of his chemotherapy. In September last year, Albie’s blood tests showed that he was winning his battle as his blood count tests were rising but over the in the last few months the he has become ill again after relapsing. By the start of this year, his hair was growing back after undergoing chemotherapy treatment but recently Albie, of Houghton, has taken a turn for the worse which has left him in need of a bone marrow transplant. Now fundraisers are being held for the youngster in an attempt to raise £5000 to cover hospital costs for the family.


Rise in Rape Statistics

I live in both Birmingham and Sunderland, depending on the time of term that it is so I spend my time reporting on both cities. As I have an interest in investigative journalism I spend a lot of time looking into published police statistics on disclosure logs looking for something to look into.

Recent statistics from West Midlands police show that the number of rape and sexual assault victims get higher each year. The recent statistics of rape in Sunderland have also climbed dramatically since 2012/13 as they are now 6 times higher than they were back then.

Birmingham: In 2016/17 there has been 1647 reported rape and sexual assault instances, with only 161 perpetrators summoned to court and 22 charged for the crime. The numbers of reports have been rising since 2013 as that year there were 775 incidents. There were 1206 reported in 2014 and 1412 in 2015. The highest amount of reports in 2016/17 has been identified to have taken place in the west of Birmingham with 475 reports from this area. There were only 47 of these lead to a court case and only 6 were charged.

Sunderland: In recordings from 2016/17 there have been 171 reported of rape and sexual assault in the area in comparison to the 29 reports in 2012/13. Out of the 171 rape reports in the last year, only 77 were charged with the offence. The statistics show that the most common factors about the victims were that most of the victims were female, aged between 11 and 25.

UK wide: Rape statistics across the country were said to have doubled within the last 4 years all across the UK according to reports in October 2016 but have been climbing following the Jimmy Saville scandal in late 2012. Although, according to rape centres 43% of victims are still unlikely to report as they feel like they will be blamed for the attack or because they feel like the courts favour the offender as most reports don’t lead to charges.

That ridiculous BBC Gender Pay Gap…

The governement forced the BBC to release the salaries for its highest paid entertainers and journalists to the British public this week. Many members of the British public had noticed that there was a dramatic gap between the pay between male and female workers.

The BBC is facing a huge backlash after the list exposed huge gender and minority inequality as woman are beginging to demand action to close the pay gap. It was revealed that the corporation’s highest-paid presenter is Chris Evans, earning at least £2.2 million.

Claudia Winkleman, the best-paid female star, took home at least £450,000, which is around a fifth of Evans’ pay. Then there is Emily Maitlis, who did not appear on the list, which only details staff earning more than £150,000. Her Newsnight co-star Evan Davis earns at least £250,000. Maitlis, who is currently not under contract, is reportedly considering her future at the BBC after the revelation.

Just 10 of the 96 names on the list are non-white, with sports presenter Jason Mohammad the highest-paid ethnic minority on at least £250,000 – a ninth of what Evans earned.

See it for yourself here.

Now, some of the BBC’s most high-profile female stars are demanding that the BBC act now to fix the gender pay gap. Presenters Clare Balding, Victoria Derbyshire and Emily Maitlis are among those who have signed an open letter to director general Tony Hall.

Education Secretary Justine Greening said the BBC’s gender pay gap was “hard to justify”, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said discrepancies were “astronomical”.

Something needs to be done.

Suicide – It’s not selfish

Following the recent suicide of the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, the Internet was filled with people expressing their condolences for his family.

Chester Bennington died at the age of 41 after being found hanging in his bedroom after a long battle with his addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as depression. Earlier this year, Bennington had an interview with Music Choice in which he voiced his concerns about his illness:

“My whole life, I’ve just felt a little off, I find myself getting into these patterns of behaviour or thought – especially when I’m stuck up here [in my head]; I like to say that, ‘This is like a bad neighbourhood, and I should not go walking alone.’” – Chester Bennington

Earlier this year, Chester lost his close friend, Chris Cornell, a singer best known for his involvement with the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. Chester was found dead on Thursday (20/07/2017), this day would have marked the 53rd birthday of Cornell.

Many tributes for friends and family of Chester have been all over the internet for the last few days but the internet is full of trolls out there who say things like this…

Let’s take a minute to educate ignorance, shall we…

Depression is a mental illness but an illness all the same. People do not choose to have it and often spend a long time suffering in silence before they are able to find the courage to seek help. The trouble is, help is hard to find with a long waiting list for counselling and admissions to mental institutions, often people just resort to the comfort of family and friends or medication as means of solving the problem.

The medication works by forcing the brain to release serotonin (a happy hormone) to make you happier but it isn’t real happiness, it’s just chemicals. When a patient starts taking antidepressants it can take 6 to 8 weeks to improve the patient’s mood but during this time, the shock to the system caused by the production of a hormone that the brain isn’t used to producing it can make them worse.

The thing is about illnesses like these is that it’s very hard for someone who doesn’t suffer from it to understand because you can’t understand what it is like to be imprisoned in your own mind until you are.

It is easy for a non-sufferer to tell someone to get help when they don’t know how hard it is to find or that they don’t understand that sometimes “professional help” doesn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how loud you scream, no one is listening.

Chester made comments in interviews about how he just wanted to ‘lay down and die.’ Imagine how different it would be if someone took that seriously…

As for those saying it was selfish because he has 6 children that he has left behind, remember that depression makes you feel like the whole world is better off without you when it’s not. The noise in your head can get so loud that you can’t hear the people who care about you anymore. It’s not selfish. It has claimed the lives of so many great people on this earth like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain and much more.

A prisoner doesn’t want to be a prisoner. Someone who is imprisoned in their own mind doesn’t want to be like that and certainly didn’t ask for it. Suicide is an escape when they feel like there is no other option. They’re desperate. People need to pay attention to the warning signs, the cries for help, that way they might be able to save a life.