If you can put vegan and vegetarian on labels you can slap the GI number on there too!

I started a petition to help get GI labels put on our food in the UK in stores and restaurants to help make life easier for people with diabetes and insulin resistance in the UK.

I am part of the 1 in 10 women in the UK who have PCOS and a lot of us struggle with our weight (whether we can’t lose it or gain it) because of problems with our insulin. Food is seen as our medicine and only when that fails are we told to go on to drugs to help it.

I’m Hyperglycemic which means when I eat something high GI I get ill. It can cause me to vomit, shake, get migraines and suffer from chronic fatigue which meant before my diagnosis I spent about 70% of my life asleep. I’ve done okay on the diet so far, but life is still very much a guessing game. I once ate something that was on the low GI list given to me by the NHS but the brand I bought made it with a lot of sugar… my bathroom was covered in vomit from it and it lead to sugar induced heart palpitations. Hyperglycemic Insulin Resistance can damage the capillaries in your eyes, legs, brain and kidneys and leads to Type 2 diabetes and in some cases heart disease in later life.

The NHS provide those of us who need to rely on this diet as much information as they can but it’s not enough. Food needs to be labelled in stores and even in restaurants (mad as it sounds, chronically ill people still like to eat out with their friends,
you know?)

Bellow is a screen-shot taken from Glycemic Index Foundation that literally states that GI levels cannot be guessed from the food packaging we already have.

Image may contain: text

According to Diabetes UK statistics, 3.7 million people were diagnosed with diabetes last year and if nothing changes it will have risen to 5 million by 2025. Some countries, such as Australia already have Low GI labels and their diabetes diagnosis rate is significantly lower than ours (1.2 million to be exact).

So, what have I done about it? I wrote to my local councillor at home, Bridget Phillipson, and where I go to university, Preet Kaur Gill MP, to ask them to make a change. I also discussed it highly with the charity Cysters – Women’s Support and Awareness Group who all agree it would make life easier.

Please support the cause, not only will this help improve the lives of those who have diabetes, you will also help to improve the lives of those fighting to never let diabetes take them.…/225047/sponsors/new…


Birmingham City Council to make improvements to the safety on Pershore Road

Improvements to what residents call the “road of death” will be made in Jan 2018. Read the article on Birmingham East side here.

PRESS RELEASE: Disney Magic coming to Brum

A Disney themed event, Bippity Boppity Boop is set to take place Birmingham on the 2nd December 2017.

The event will be a fun day out for the whole family as children will get to meet their favourite Disney characters, take part in arts and crafts, win some prizes in a raffle and get their faces painted. There will also be live music and food inside.

Bippity Boppity Boop will be held at The Archers Project in Birmingham from 10 am – 4 pm. Entry is only £1 – great for those sticking to a budget in the run up to Christmas.

Local Disney cosplayers and musical talent are still being scouted for the event. If interested please contact Paige Bowater via email:

For more information about the event contact the organisers via 07918842542 or 01217720852 or join the facebook event page to stay updated.

Punishing kids with parents on low-income…

So I saw this letter from last year doing its rounds on the internet and all I can think… is WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with this country and it’s education system. Seriously… I was in a good mood but now I’m in a ranting one…


Lunch isolation… what even is that? A punishment for the less fortunate kids? Imagining punishing a child because of their families income… as a matter of fact… imagine punishing the family for that? They have no control over it. They earn what they earn and you should be building them up not tearing them down. Imagine how awful that poor child must feel now!

You are teaching schools that lower class pupils are worth less than their higher class friends. You are teaching them that being poor and poverty is a matter of behaviour and not circumstance, how will they ever learn to help those in need if you don’t have the kindness to do the same?

Get a grip British schools!




Rise in Rape Statistics

I live in both Birmingham and Sunderland, depending on the time of term that it is so I spend my time reporting on both cities. As I have an interest in investigative journalism I spend a lot of time looking into published police statistics on disclosure logs looking for something to look into.

Recent statistics from West Midlands police show that the number of rape and sexual assault victims get higher each year. The recent statistics of rape in Sunderland have also climbed dramatically since 2012/13 as they are now 6 times higher than they were back then.

Birmingham: In 2016/17 there has been 1647 reported rape and sexual assault instances, with only 161 perpetrators summoned to court and 22 charged for the crime. The numbers of reports have been rising since 2013 as that year there were 775 incidents. There were 1206 reported in 2014 and 1412 in 2015. The highest amount of reports in 2016/17 has been identified to have taken place in the west of Birmingham with 475 reports from this area. There were only 47 of these lead to a court case and only 6 were charged.

Sunderland: In recordings from 2016/17 there have been 171 reported of rape and sexual assault in the area in comparison to the 29 reports in 2012/13. Out of the 171 rape reports in the last year, only 77 were charged with the offence. The statistics show that the most common factors about the victims were that most of the victims were female, aged between 11 and 25.

UK wide: Rape statistics across the country were said to have doubled within the last 4 years all across the UK according to reports in October 2016 but have been climbing following the Jimmy Saville scandal in late 2012. Although, according to rape centres 43% of victims are still unlikely to report as they feel like they will be blamed for the attack or because they feel like the courts favour the offender as most reports don’t lead to charges.

Why everyone should love the new Doctor…

For the last feels days the whole internet seems to have been going wild over the Doctor’s regeneration into a woman… simply because she’s a woman. Really? 

To be honest, it got to Sunday and I was expecting everyone to be talking about the new season of Game Of Thrones but damn. I could not have been more wrong.

So, the casting directors of Doctor Who have cast Jodie Whittaker and I am one of what seems to be very few who are exceedingly excited by it. (Even of U.K. tabloids have published her nudes, she’s still amazing).

So here’s a few reasons why you should love the decision too:

She looks fantastic in the old Doctor’s outfits…

Colin Baker backs her… hitting back at sexist tweets. 

We all know the stereotype of women apparently being unable to park a car decently… urm may I remind you that River Song parked the tardis better than the Doctor?

But what I loved most was Colin Baker’s response as he believes it is a result for a man with daughters. 

He also tweeted this hilarious come back:

God, I love the old Doctors.

Speaking of River…

Alex Kingston offered her reaction to the announcement…

 “I’m always the damn cradle snatcher but she’s a really great actress, she’s fantastic. Oh my God, that’s so exciting!” – Alex Kingston (1.14) 

It has actually been said since the beginning that the Doctor can become a woman at any point – by the creators themselves. 

This was highlighted in the BBC’s response to the backlash… as well as the fact that she’s an amazing actress! 

But above all… she’s amazing all on her own.

Meet the Doctor

But there is one thing that we should be celebrating alongside the new Doctor…

The man who made many mistakes.

The man who was dragging the show through the mud.

MOFFAT HAS LEFT!!!!! #byefelicia 

See all the mistakes he admitted here.


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Britain in the face of terrorism…

Over the last few years, Britain has faced many acts of terrorism and potential threats of it. From the shootings at Westminster to threats of beheading children leading to evacuations of schools from Kent to Manchester. 

Last night, a suicide bomber was present in the foyer of Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. An eye witness told BBC Manchester that the explosion was “near where they were selling the merchandise” and there “were bodies everywhere.”

Many people are still missing from the attack, including children as young as 8 and some children are even missing their parents. 22 people have been killed in the horrific incident, with 59 more injured.

In this situation it is important to give recognition to those who go out of their way to help strangers. Showing the terrorists that as a nation we will stand united and we will not bow down to terrorism.

Reportedly, Manchester’s emergency services were at the scene in moments. Taxi drivers offering free lifts home. Local hotels offering safe haven for children and families. Local people offering beds for the night. Fast food restaurants offered free food to those at the scene.

Whatever happened has not divided the nation. People from all over the country are praying for Manchester.

Ariana Grande issued an apology on social media this morning but she needs to know that there is no need to blame herself for the heartless acts of others.

James Corden paid tribute to the victims of the attack after hearing the news during his show last night.

Theresa May issued her statement about the incident this morning and even President Donald Trump has offered tribute.

We will not bow down to this. As a country we will push back against terrorism and we will win. They can’t make us crumble. They can only try and fail miserably. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the beautiful people of Manchester and the loved ones of all that have been lost.