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My content has moved…

My content has now moved. I’ve had a fantastic year running this blog and I am very greatful to everyone who took there time to follow, like and read my posts. You’re all wonerful but it is time for some bigger changes now.

My PCOS content will now be published in collaboration with Cysters. An opportunity I am unbelievably excited for because I will be part of an organisation that shows women with gynae-health issues that they are never alone.

I have started a new blog of my own but more professional and journalistic. It is a data/investigative journalism news blog called The Briti. It is student led and there will be opportunities to contribute articles. You can do this via the Submit News part of the site or you can email me at There will be an app for the site coming soon.

Thank you all so much for the last two and a half years and best of luck with all your blogging! I will now be logging out of wordpress for good.

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Suicide – It’s not selfish

Following the recent suicide of the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, the Internet was filled with people expressing their condolences for his family.

Chester Bennington died at the age of 41 after being found hanging in his bedroom after a long battle with his addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as depression. Earlier this year, Bennington had an interview with Music Choice in which he voiced his concerns about his illness:

“My whole life, I’ve just felt a little off, I find myself getting into these patterns of behaviour or thought – especially when I’m stuck up here [in my head]; I like to say that, ‘This is like a bad neighbourhood, and I should not go walking alone.’” – Chester Bennington

Earlier this year, Chester lost his close friend, Chris Cornell, a singer best known for his involvement with the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. Chester was found dead on Thursday (20/07/2017), this day would have marked the 53rd birthday of Cornell.

Many tributes for friends and family of Chester have been all over the internet for the last few days but the internet is full of trolls out there who say things like this…

Let’s take a minute to educate ignorance, shall we…

Depression is a mental illness but an illness all the same. People do not choose to have it and often spend a long time suffering in silence before they are able to find the courage to seek help. The trouble is, help is hard to find with a long waiting list for counselling and admissions to mental institutions, often people just resort to the comfort of family and friends or medication as means of solving the problem.

The medication works by forcing the brain to release serotonin (a happy hormone) to make you happier but it isn’t real happiness, it’s just chemicals. When a patient starts taking antidepressants it can take 6 to 8 weeks to improve the patient’s mood but during this time, the shock to the system caused by the production of a hormone that the brain isn’t used to producing it can make them worse.

The thing is about illnesses like these is that it’s very hard for someone who doesn’t suffer from it to understand because you can’t understand what it is like to be imprisoned in your own mind until you are.

It is easy for a non-sufferer to tell someone to get help when they don’t know how hard it is to find or that they don’t understand that sometimes “professional help” doesn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how loud you scream, no one is listening.

Chester made comments in interviews about how he just wanted to ‘lay down and die.’ Imagine how different it would be if someone took that seriously…

As for those saying it was selfish because he has 6 children that he has left behind, remember that depression makes you feel like the whole world is better off without you when it’s not. The noise in your head can get so loud that you can’t hear the people who care about you anymore. It’s not selfish. It has claimed the lives of so many great people on this earth like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain and much more.

A prisoner doesn’t want to be a prisoner. Someone who is imprisoned in their own mind doesn’t want to be like that and certainly didn’t ask for it. Suicide is an escape when they feel like there is no other option. They’re desperate. People need to pay attention to the warning signs, the cries for help, that way they might be able to save a life.

Why everyone should love the new Doctor…

For the last feels days the whole internet seems to have been going wild over the Doctor’s regeneration into a woman… simply because she’s a woman. Really? 

To be honest, it got to Sunday and I was expecting everyone to be talking about the new season of Game Of Thrones but damn. I could not have been more wrong.

So, the casting directors of Doctor Who have cast Jodie Whittaker and I am one of what seems to be very few who are exceedingly excited by it. (Even of U.K. tabloids have published her nudes, she’s still amazing).

So here’s a few reasons why you should love the decision too:

She looks fantastic in the old Doctor’s outfits…

Colin Baker backs her… hitting back at sexist tweets. 

We all know the stereotype of women apparently being unable to park a car decently… urm may I remind you that River Song parked the tardis better than the Doctor?

But what I loved most was Colin Baker’s response as he believes it is a result for a man with daughters. 

He also tweeted this hilarious come back:

God, I love the old Doctors.

Speaking of River…

Alex Kingston offered her reaction to the announcement…

 “I’m always the damn cradle snatcher but she’s a really great actress, she’s fantastic. Oh my God, that’s so exciting!” – Alex Kingston (1.14) 

It has actually been said since the beginning that the Doctor can become a woman at any point – by the creators themselves. 

This was highlighted in the BBC’s response to the backlash… as well as the fact that she’s an amazing actress! 

But above all… she’s amazing all on her own.

Meet the Doctor

But there is one thing that we should be celebrating alongside the new Doctor…

The man who made many mistakes.

The man who was dragging the show through the mud.

MOFFAT HAS LEFT!!!!! #byefelicia 

See all the mistakes he admitted here.


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Racism On Dating Sites

Racism on dating sites is a real issue and those types of women make swiping right on tinder resulting in slightly awkward conversations that assume you’re a racist because you’re a white girl. 

There are still some women out there who won’t date a man because he is black and they actually tell these men that their race is what’s stopping them from dating. This obviously makes these men very insecure and they tend to search for a woman but if they match with a white girl, they hope she is someone who has dated a black man before, as if it makes them feel more secure talking to a woman who has been in an interracial relationship before.

I have spoken to men of a different race to me on apps and my social media and it always results in the same question…

I was puzzled as to why race matters so much. So, obviously I had to ask , at first they denied that it mattered but I stayed persistent and the answer I got was actually really sad…

I don’t understand why someone would match with someone on a dating site if they won’t actually date them due to their race. These men shouldn’t be made to feel like their race is what is stopping them from finding a partner. 

Imagine being so closed minded about race that you miss out on a decent man because of the colour of their skin. Wow, ladies…

Age Of YouTubers: Throwback to the Sidemen Meet Up (Manchester, 7th August 2016)

The Sidemen have been growing in popularity across the internet and have been for some time now. They have millions of subscribers and are fairly well known for their football and gaming content that they post on a regular basis.

The boys live in London but to make it up to their Northern fans they planned a meet up “up north” in Manchester, Etihad Stadium; although this isn’t as far north as some people, including me would have hoped.

The event was held between 2 and 6pm in the Legends Room and offered fans the chance to meet the boys, take photos, talk and play Fifa.

Courtney Greener () and I travelled from Sunderland to Manchester via Megabus to attend the event. We would have preferred the event to be a bit further up north but the journey was worth it in the end. We made sure we got photos and signatures from each member and even had photo booth pictures with Josh.

The event began with an explanation from JJ (otherwise known as KSI) as to why they were late (his decision to have a 25 minute long shower made them miss the train) which was swiftly followed up by a joke from a fan stating that he “can’t Keep Up“. The boys allowed us to “hang out” with them and they give great hugs, by the way (just in case any one was wondering).Ethan was so warm when I went and got a photo with him but he and Josh are very sweet.

Many aspiring vloggers were filming most of the day and a few underage girls thought it was appropriate to cling to the boys and give them ‘crocodile tears’ for attention – no surprise it was addressed on twitter after the event.

Simon, aka. Miniminter, was very shy but not as much as Vik who appeared to feel very awkward when people hugged him. Courtney probably made Simon feel a bit awkward anyway after she asked him to sign her phone case which was covered in his face and I probably didn’t help by commenting upon her “little crush” on him.

Tobi was very easy to talk to and even complimented Courtney’s red hair – which Simon didn’t do despite the fact that red is his favourite colour.

JJ has always been my personal favourite – he’s just so funny and I love his music (apart from Kilimanjaro – because let’s be honest that wasn’t great). The song Friends With Benefits was released shortly before the event and in my opinion it is the best one yet. I had it on repeat for weeks. Courtney managed to get him to do his ‘camp’ voice on video which also allowed her to capture his ‘Scooby-doo-like-laugh.’

Harry was roasted during the Q&A for his baby face – with a fan asking when his 13th birthday is and for his God-awful taste in shorts. Also, during the Q&A, Simon and Ethan were asked about why they didn’t attend Vik’s Birthday – which Ethan had already addressed on Twitter, stating that it was due to personal matters. Sometimes fans believe they have rights to know the personal details of a celebrity’s life because they are in the public eye. When in reality fans should have left it alone because if it didn’t upset Vik then it shouldn’t have upset the fans.

During the Q&A people also asked about the dates that were constantly being tweeted with no context which they refused to reveal on the day of the meet up, but it has now been confirmed as being the book tour.



Top 3 Short Films That Will Hit You Hard!

These short films have gone viral over the past few years and have captured the attention of many people around the world. One of the main reasons that  they have had such a hype surrounding them is because they tackle issues that are hard hitting to the public.

3 – Break Free (Ruby Rose, 2014)

Break Free went viral across social media in 2015 due to the heavy publicity that Ruby Rose received from entering the cast of  Orange Is The New Black. The film was directed by Ruby Rose herself and uploaded to YouTube on 14th July 2014. The short film focuses primarily on gender roles and the idea of gender fluidity. The film raises awareness of what life can be like when you are different than social norms (e.g. bigender and transgender). In the film we see Ruby Rose transform herself from a woman into a man through clothing and behavioral stereotypes. No wonder people claimed that she made the question their sexuality. – The film has now reached over 15 million views on YouTube.

2 – ReMoved (Nathanial Matanick, 2014)

ReMoved was released on YouTube on the 11th March 2014 and although it only has just over 4 million views the issues expressed in the narrative are certainly hard hitting and tear inducing. ReMoved follows the life of a young girl and her brother as they are taken from a violent and unstable home to live life between foster homes until they find a foster parent who won’t give up on them or abuse them. The narrative follows on in part 2 where we see that the young girl as a grown woman who has broken the cycle of abuse to become a child care practitioner. The second part has just under 900,000 views which is a shame as it tackles the stories of victims of child abuse and expresses true to life thoughts and feelings of a victim of this kind of abuse.

“Sometimes someone hurts you so bad; it stops hurting at all. Until something makes you feel again. Then it all comes back. Every word. Every hurt. Every moment.” – Zoe

1 – Love Is All You Need (Kim Rocco Shields, 2012)

Love Is All You Need went viral because it exposed hard-hitting experiences of homophobic abuse only reversed to show what it would be like if heterophobia was in place of it. It effectively changes the ideologies of people who have homophobic values as they get to see that the bullying they inflict can cause suicide. The film was uploaded to YouTube on 16th August 2012 and has just over 3.5 million views. Controversy was brought around this film in 2015 as a teacher in the US reportedly lost her job for showing this film to her students as a method of tackling homophobia.

Short films conventionally tackle issues (e.g. abuse etc.) that larger, Hollywood films would usually avoid for purposes of attracting a universal audience. These short films have certainly used this convention to impact the audience emotionally and are effective in raising awareness of the social taboos their stories cover.