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Adam Miles Christoper Bell was a friend of mine at school and soon after we left he became more active with his writing than ever before, especially on his wattpad account. He has often came to me for advice on titles and just writing in general after I recieved my publishing contract for Children of the Movement in 2014.

“I love writing stories and have been trying to write since I was 7 years old, which is when I came up with my first story idea. Ever since then I have been coming up with new ideas but have never got to writing them into an actual story. However, recently I started to get into it again and have started writing many stories. My two favorites being A World Reborn and A Demon Within.” – Adam’s Wattpad bio

Lately, his account has been gaining some heat with readers seeming to be pouring in for his novel “A World Reborn“. The novel has 4 parts so far and is still a working progress.

Synopsis and cover:

64686388-176-k456815“Nothing and no-one is safe anymore. This world is no longer our own and everyday we must hide from the dangers of the threat that now walks these lands.

Only one native dares to stand up against the Invasion. But he will not do it alone.

When the world is being taken from you, the only way to fight back is by breaking the rules, even your own personal ones. The world is being attacked by Invaders. However THESE invaders may just be a little more familiar than you may think…”

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Writing Updates- Time for some re-writes!

Since I didn’t have time to take part in NaNoWriMo this yearΒ  because I am so busy making content for this blog, and I am working my socks off to get my work to be good enough to be put up on Birmingham Eastside on Journalism Production days I have decided to go back to the drawing board.

I am already re-writing some of my previous novels ready for re-release but I wanted to be able to give the people who have never read my creative writing a chance to read some online, free of charge! Yey!

So here’s the dealio – I am going to be rewriting some of my short stories that I have written years ago!

I will be posting them to my Wattpad account every Sunday from Sunday 6th November 2016.