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If you can put vegan and vegetarian on labels you can slap the GI number on there too!

I started a petition to help get GI labels put on our food in the UK in stores and restaurants to help make life easier for people with diabetes and insulin resistance in the UK.

I am part of the 1 in 10 women in the UK who have PCOS and a lot of us struggle with our weight (whether we can’t lose it or gain it) because of problems with our insulin. Food is seen as our medicine and only when that fails are we told to go on to drugs to help it.

I’m Hyperglycemic which means when I eat something high GI I get ill. It can cause me to vomit, shake, get migraines and suffer from chronic fatigue which meant before my diagnosis I spent about 70% of my life asleep. I’ve done okay on the diet so far, but life is still very much a guessing game. I once ate something that was on the low GI list given to me by the NHS but the brand I bought made it with a lot of sugar… my bathroom was covered in vomit from it and it lead to sugar induced heart palpitations. Hyperglycemic Insulin Resistance can damage the capillaries in your eyes, legs, brain and kidneys and leads to Type 2 diabetes and in some cases heart disease in later life.

The NHS provide those of us who need to rely on this diet as much information as they can but it’s not enough. Food needs to be labelled in stores and even in restaurants (mad as it sounds, chronically ill people still like to eat out with their friends,
you know?)

Bellow is a screen-shot taken from Glycemic Index Foundation that literally states that GI levels cannot be guessed from the food packaging we already have.

Image may contain: text

According to Diabetes UK statistics, 3.7 million people were diagnosed with diabetes last year and if nothing changes it will have risen to 5 million by 2025. Some countries, such as Australia already have Low GI labels and their diabetes diagnosis rate is significantly lower than ours (1.2 million to be exact).

So, what have I done about it? I wrote to my local councillor at home, Bridget Phillipson, and where I go to university, Preet Kaur Gill MP, to ask them to make a change. I also discussed it highly with the charity Cysters – Women’s Support and Awareness Group who all agree it would make life easier.

Please support the cause, not only will this help improve the lives of those who have diabetes, you will also help to improve the lives of those fighting to never let diabetes take them.



Belittling another Cyster’s fight won’t help you win yours…

Ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS, I have noticed a divide in the cysterhood that is very hard to ignore. There are those that are winning their fight and those who still haven’t found the right path yet. Due to the lack of education on the subject of PCOS, many of the women who suffer have a lack of understanding as to how the illness works. 

 If they read up on the illness enough when they got diagnosed they would know that every woman’s fight is different and we all have a different cocktail of symptoms. Some women have it more aggressive than others. Support each other ladies! Do what works for you!

I hate it when my Cyster’s used to tell me my fight is wrong before I found what worked for me. I would feel bad about myself. I would feel as though I was inferior in comparison to others. 

So, I was scrolling through Tumblr and I came across his post from a blog called alittlebitofpcos and I thought I would share it with you all. This is so important.

Know Your Pl

By that I’m saying, you are not in the place to police and harass someone for their lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to their PCOS. I see this a lot in the community, a person will find what works for them and push it onto other people, or be cruel when it comes to other people choosing to manage their PCOS differently. Even worse, people who don’t have PCOS or have any knowledge on the condition go trolling with their Dr. Google pedestal.

That is not your place.

How someone chooses to manage their PCOS is on them and their doctor. Unless they are asking for personal experience and advice, keep your opinions to yourself. Some prefer natural supplements to medications, some find changing their eating is what works for them, and some only take birth control.

PCOS symptoms vary for everyone, as does management options. Just because you found eating vegan or organic or not taking the medications commonly prescribed worked for you, does not mean someone else will find success with that, or have the means to do so. Some people simply cannot afford basic treatment and medication, let alone the funds for a complete lifestyle change.

Don’t shame someone for eating differently, choosing an alternative approach, or doing the best they can with what is within their means just because it isn’t what you are doing and found to help you.

Do you think people who are newly diagnosed and don’t even understand the condition need someone shaming them? Do you think someone who doesn’t have the financial resources to eat healthier doesn’t know how it could benefit their health? That they just can’t afford it? Everyone knows the concerns and fears that are experienced right after being diagnosed and all the little challenges that come up along the way. No one needs shame and ridicule when life is already a hell of a challenge on its own, let alone adding PCOS to it.


I felt immense shame after my diagnosis, for three years in fact. Not because people were shaming me, but because I didn’t understand it or have support, and in my case (not everyone’s, keep in mind) I felt like I was failing as a female because my body wasn’t working as it intended to. Can you imagine being shamed by someone for my lifestyle choices, on top of what I was already feeling between the ages of 15-18? I’ll be damned if someone else in this community is made to feel that way. We are supposed to be there for advice and support and encouragement. Not to make someone feel less than what they already do for a condition they had no control over getting diagnosed with in the first place.

PCOS is difficult on its own to live with. It takes a physical and emotional toll on people in vastly different ways. While one person may have minimal symptoms, there are so people out there struggling with so much more than what the condition entails.

PCOS can’t be cured, no matter what food choices, medications, essential oils, or lifestyle changes you make. Don’t push that onto anyone because it’s a load of crap–what I mean is, don’t be an asshole with, “Well THIS is what cures PCOS and since you aren’t doing it, you’re ___.” It’s a known fact with reliable PCOS sources and medical professionals that there is no cure, it can be managed and symptoms improve, but the moment you change what you’re doing, they will come back. They do not even know the true cause yet, let alone how to find a cure.

Before you found what worked for you, YOU were struggling, and most likely had to try different approaches before finding what helped improve your symptoms. Think the next time you leave a nasty comment on someone’s post or page, because you were once in their position.

Spread awareness, positivity, support–but do not shame others for being at a different place in their journey.

@alittlebitofpcos (Tumblr)

I’m BODY POSITIVE but I’m still dieting….

I am all for body positivity and loving the skin that you’re in and yet I am still on a diet and working out. Must mean I secretly hate my body right? WRONG. I have bad days with my body image and so does everyone, no one can love every little thing about themselves all the time, let’s be realistic, but most of the time I’m actually okay with my curves.

Sure, I loved the days when I could fit in a size 8/10 but I’m going to be honest… my tummy wasn’t even flat back then but I was in better health. I’m not saying that a person with extra weight is unhealthy because many  people have a few extra pounds and have no problems at all. I personally have problems because of my weight and no… it’s nothing to do with my heart or blood pressure I can assure you my heart is perfectly fine.

My issue is that I am battling infertility and I need to loose weight to control my symptoms of PCOS and eventually be able to try for a baby when I am ready. I also have hyperglycemia so I am fighting against diabetes which is heriditarywith women in my family.

All of this stuff is to do with how my body works, not my appearance. To be honest, if I was perfectly capable of ovulating without losing weight I’d stay my chubby self forever because I am not a fan of diets or workouts or avoiding sweets (I used to be a bit of a chocoholic).

I just want people to see that dieting isn’t always about hating the way you look, sometimes someone has an internal battle with a part of themselves that you can’t see. Don’t just assume someone hates their appearance because they have started eating better.

On a side note – The people who think plus size models are promoting an unhealthy life and not self-love, you are wrong! They aren’t telling people they need to be like them, they are telling people to learn to love themselves even if you have a few extra pounds. Also, you tend to be the kind of people who are okay with severely underweight women walking the runway – you can be slim and unhealthy too!

How losing weight is making me more insecure

I have been on a weight loss journey for PCOS for so long now trying so many different things to help shed those pounds that are preventing my body from working like a regular woman. I joined BCU Burlesque (post coming soon) and that has helped me shed some of the fat along with my low GI diet. I have lost over two stone so far and I couldn’t be prouder but…

I’m photoshopping my photos now. I never used to feel the need to do that but now I do.

My skin is starting to wrinkle. I feel like im starting to look older than I am and I thank the lord that I don’t have a boyfriends because I wouldn’t want anyone to see my wrinkling tummy. I have to blur the wrinkles out of my arms now so people can’t see them in photos because I’m so ashamed of it.

On things for sure though, I’m not willing to quit. I need to loose weight for the future that I want. I just want to look as young as I am…

My tiny weightloss will probably mean nothing to anyone else but it means the world to me…

As a woman who suffers from PCOS you are almost told from the outset that you’re going to struggle… And when I say struggle… I really mean suffer the mental torture of trying to eat right and working out and have the scales mock you by not even lowering by a single pound. Well… I was that girl until two months ago.

On the 4th of September I was told that I had the PCOS symptom of Insulin Resistance in the form of Hyperglycemia and that was what was causing me to be unable to lose weight. It was also making me very tired (as I was sugar crashing everyday, leading to mini sugar comas for 1 to 6 hours on an afternoon, everyday) and disrupting my digestive system to force it to stop working. This meant I struggled to digest food and ended off with consecutive UTIs.

As soon as I was told that I was hyperglycemic I started to change my diet to have only Low GI foods (which for me was primarily avoiding any unseeded breads, potato products and anything sugary) and continued to excersize and the weight seemed to melt away like it never had done before.

I have been on this diet just over two months and this is my progress, it won’t seem like much to some people but it’s more than I have ever been able to achieve in a long time.

PCOS Awareness Month 2017: The dreaded social media sales people…

This is one of my biggest pet hates after becoming so open about having PCOS. These people have become like vultures and have been circulating all my social media accounts since my first post about the illness…

We will have all seen sales representatives for these products on Instagram and Facebook. They have a nasty habit on praying on people with weight problems that have been caused by PCOS. I would often get messaged by people on Instagram and Facebook claiming that these products could “cure” me. Pft, the doctors can’t find a cure for this so what makes you think that you have some magical cure, found in a product that everyone is aware is a money grabbing scam?

I would often get messaged by people on Instagram and Facebook claiming that these products could “cure” me. Pft, the doctors can’t find a cure for this so what makes you think that you have some magical cure, found in a product that everyone is aware is a money grabbing scam?

The recurring ones appeard to be Juice Plus and It Works wraps. These products won’t help you ladies, stick to clean eating, exercise and balancing those hormones.

Most doctors recomment the Slimming Word diet for most women suffering from PCOS (it’s not reccommended for me as I have hyperglycemia, which I talk about in this post). I suggest that you try that rather than products you can buy online. The most recent one to follow me is a ‘natural food supplement’ calld MyOvaCare, it costs £40 for a small tub of capsules… frankly, I’d rather diet.

PCOS Awareness Month 2017 – A week in the life of a PCOS sufferer

I’m sorry that I haven’t done my daily posts this week but a lot has changed in my battle for fertility in the last few days so, I have decided to share this last week with you in this, what I would like to call a diary post.


Just like most mornings that involve hospital appointments, I woke up with anxiety. I had a hospital appointment with the PCOS specialist at the diabetic clinic to try and help me in my weight loss battle, but I hate going to hospital appointments. I only go because I need the help but 90% of my appointments to do with my weight and fertility make me cry.

I didn’t eat breakfast, I can never normally stomach it. She did tell me off for that, as well as diagnose me with Hyperglycemia which is common in women with PCOS who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Now I have to change my whole diet… good bye chicken nuggets.

At the end of the day, my battle with PCOS and hyperglycemia comes down to one question, would I rather have chicken nuggets and diabetes or energy and children?

– Kirsty-Louise Card

I spent the rest of the day, avoiding starting my new diet while I constructed meal plans for how I was going to start it. I also had to deal with some painful acne around my chin which tends to mean that I had a bad hormonal reaction to something that I have eaten… probably the pizza the night before. That shouldn’t happen once the new diet is started though, I have to stick to natural foods and any carbs I consume need to be on the low side of the glyceamic index.


I started the diet. Most mornings I would avoid breakfast like the plague as I really struggle to keep it down and have done since I was around 14 years old (the age I was when my periods started). I have learned that this is because I wasn’t getting the energy from my food the day before until the following morning which meant there was no need for me to be eating.

I started off the day with two slices of seeded bread, toasted with a low fat cheese spread (yes, you can still eat cheese!). I did struggle to eat it as I’m not used to eating breakfast and some days I struggle to eat lunch but the dietician said that I needed to train my body to be able to eat three meals a day.

I had a small pot of pasta for lunch and an omlette with tomatos for dinner. Honestly, this low GI diet isn’t as bad as many think, especially if you like the food.

As expected with the first day of every new diet, I was starving by the evening but I still didn’t munch and made it through the day with new cravings.

The dietician gave me some notes which I will link you to below which is the recommended low GI diet:

NHS website



This was an easier day. Turns out I have more will power than I thought I did.  I only felt hungary around meal times and my digestive system is running more effectively than it used to.  I even spent some of my time making up fruit snack pots incase I needed a healthy snack. It was yummy!

The only issues that I’m having is the detoxing. My immune system has become a little weaker so I’ve managed to catch flu, the acne is horrendous and I have such a bad case of cloudy mind. The change in my hormones has without a doubt put my brain in a blender but itn will be like this for up to two weeks, just in time for me to go back to uni and my next period…


I wanted to experiment with different snacks that I could make so I messaged some fellow cysters to help me out and they pointed me in the direction of pintrest for low gi recipes which lead me to my sugar free oat cookies and also a lot of flax seed recipes that I will experiment with later… I’m especially looking forward to the pancakes!

I also started looking for gyms close to my university… I figured if I’m going to dive into this diet, I might aswell jump in head first.


I had a walk up to my Gran’s to take the cookies up. I wanted her to try them as she has type 2 diabetes so it would be nice for her to have a treat that she is able to enjoy, guilt free! As luck would have it, she loved them. Apparently, I’ve surprised a lot of people with my culinary skills this week.

The evening was my biggest test… I had the offer of a takeaway from Pizza Dial and anyone who knows me, knows I can’t resist the chicken nugget meal from that place and yet I still ordered a grilled chicken wrap with no chips. I am on fire this week.

The tummy pains have started though, they are to be expected when starting a new diet though.


Shopping day… we may have went a tad over-board but I descovered that keeping this diet up while on my student loan will be affordable… Aldi is a godsend ladies. I’m still getting tummy pains but I don’t bloat when I eat anymore. That evening me and my Auntie (who also has PCOS and has been loosely following the diet with me) had pasta while her foster son and partner had their unhealthy, carb loaded meal but we are feeling much better.


The tummy pains were a little heftier but I’m still feeling the benefit of my food, I have gone from being the sleepy girl that you read about in memes on social media to a girl who can’t stop dancing in her bedroom.

It’s all in the food girls. It’s all in the food.