London Bound… Ft. Being Trapped in an Elevator

I’d never been to London before my friend, Ridwan‘s birthday on the 8th October and to say the least, it was an experience and a half.

From stepping off the coach it was fairly easy to notice the dramatic difference in the scenery, mostly due to the sheer scale of the buildings. (And I thought to move from Sunderland to Birmingham back in September was a big leap).

I hopped in a black cab to get to my ibis Hotel in Whitechapel. I usually stay in ibis Budget Hotels when traveling around due to their affordability and quality for the convenience of a short stay.  As I was traveling to my hotel the route took me past many tourist hotspots which I managed to snap from the back seat of the cab without having to suffer the awkward encounters with the crowds of tourists.

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Shortly after my arrival to the Hotel, Ridwan came for a bit of “pre-drinking” and we were insanely drunk before we made it to his party (which lead to me breaking my iPhone 6 Plus – RIP) at Cargo in Shoreditch. This is where I suddenly realized… I was far… far… away from home.


£13.50 for a double vodka and coke… HA HA HA what a joke?!

It was definitely a good thing that I had pre-drinks then. Anyway, the party went on until the early hours of the morning and I met some great people there. Emi and I were certainly dancing queens.

I had such a great night but then the next morning… my worst nightmare happened. I got trapped in an elevator. On the 7th floor. And the man on the emergency line hung up on me.

When I did eventually get back down to the ground floor and out of the lift, I was so shaken that I could hardly tell the women at the reception desk what had happened but they helped calm me down and brought me some chamomile tea before walking me back to my room  because I was too horrified to go back into the lift.

I packed my bags and left for my coach. When all is said and done… it was a thrilling time and I can’t wait to go back!