That ridiculous BBC Gender Pay Gap…

The governement forced the BBC to release the salaries for its highest paid entertainers and journalists to the British public this week. Many members of the British public had noticed that there was a dramatic gap between the pay between male and female workers.

The BBC is facing a huge backlash after the list exposed huge gender and minority inequality as woman are beginging to demand action to close the pay gap. It was revealed that the corporation’s highest-paid presenter is Chris Evans, earning at least £2.2 million.

Claudia Winkleman, the best-paid female star, took home at least £450,000, which is around a fifth of Evans’ pay. Then there is Emily Maitlis, who did not appear on the list, which only details staff earning more than £150,000. Her Newsnight co-star Evan Davis earns at least £250,000. Maitlis, who is currently not under contract, is reportedly considering her future at the BBC after the revelation.

Just 10 of the 96 names on the list are non-white, with sports presenter Jason Mohammad the highest-paid ethnic minority on at least £250,000 – a ninth of what Evans earned.

See it for yourself here.

Now, some of the BBC’s most high-profile female stars are demanding that the BBC act now to fix the gender pay gap. Presenters Clare Balding, Victoria Derbyshire and Emily Maitlis are among those who have signed an open letter to director general Tony Hall.

Education Secretary Justine Greening said the BBC’s gender pay gap was “hard to justify”, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said discrepancies were “astronomical”.

Something needs to be done.


Art For New World – Rahel Takle Peirce

In this scary world of Donald Trump and Theresa May, with their fear-mongering antics when it comes to immagration, it’s becoming far too easy to ignore the beauty of diversity and just how talented people from all over the world can be.

Art is something that can take many forms and it varies all across the world.


Rahel Takle Peirce is an award-winning artist based in London. Her art is seen to therapeutic to it’s viewers a it has been said that her work appears to have a “calming and relaxing effect.”

She immigrated from Ethiopia and has spent over 20 years developing her artistic style, using it as a way of surviving in what she describes as her “new world.”

“Every individual geometric design captures the colour, vibrancy and emotion of the moment. Each meticulously hand drawn over days or years.

The artist in her will never leave.” – Ramech Wall Deco

It is truly inspirational that this woman has come so far, turning her passion into a career in attempted to escape troubled lands.

Her art is truly unique and is a worthy example of the benefits that immigration can have on this country. It also shows her to be a great role model as a survivor, rather than becoming a victim of her past.

Most recently her work has been exhibited in Luxury Made, Olympia, London, back in September 2016 where she showcased the majority of her work.

She sells her unique designs online at Ramech Wall Deco and her work has been exhibited in many places such as:

  • The Kowalsky Gallery, London, August 2007

  • Solo Exhibition at Stoke Place Hotel, Buckinghamshire, November 2009 

  • Artrom Gallery, Mandala, Unity In Diversity, Rome, Italy, January 2010

  • Ramech-Art article at Tadias Magazine

  • Short listed in The PCG Freelance Consultant Award London, 2010

    You can check out more places on her website above and also make enquiries about her products.

Disclaimer: All imagery used in this article has been taken from Ramech Wall Deco, with the permission of Rahel, herself. I do not own the rights to these images and I do not claim to. They are for example purposes only. Thank you!

The Price Of Fabulous – J Squared Podcast 

Hey guys!

As you know, the work for my book promotion for The Price Of Fabulous is now in full swing.

But this morning’s work was so exciting that I just have to share it with all of you!

I was invited onto a weekly podcast show called J Squared to talk about The Price Of Fabulous so… if you want to know more about the book then this is definitely what you need to listen to! 

Listen to J Squared interview here!
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Bauer Academy Media Bus

On the 4th and 5th of November 2015 the Bauer Academy Media bus was parked up outside of East Durham College (despite the fact that most students were thinking that it was just the title of the workshop- it actually was a bus).

The Bauer Academy tours on the media bus around the UK to scout talented young people who have an interest in media. They are connected to companies all across the UK such as Metro Radio (where I will be attending a 2-day course of Radio Journalism on the 12th and 13th of December) and Heat Magazine. They offer a wide range of courses from Journalism to Creative Media. They set up work experience for young people and if they are enthusiastic enough it could lead to future employment.

On their visit to EDC they were represented by a third year university student, Chloe Yates. She works as a freelancer for Bauer and has become experienced in the field of radio through her university years with the goal of hosting her own breakfast show on air one day. She was both pleasant and inspiring.

We were asked to create a radio advert for Bauer so we took inspiration from the Sci-Fi genre and created a space mission style advert. We also signed up for Hiive which is an app that allows young media talent to be discovered through a portfolio of work they create and share online.

To contact the Bauer Academy you can follow them on Twiter @BauerAcademy_UK or use the #creativeskillset.

You can also give Chloe a follow @sochloeyates