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15 little things that make me happy

15. The smell of a new book

I love the smell of a new book and I have never quite understood why. Ordinary paper doesn’t really have a smell. Maybe it’s the glue that binds it all together… which would make us glue sniffers… but still it smells nice so don’t judge me!

14. A new hair cut

Nothing makes me feel better than a new hair cut. I have naturally thick hair and when it is at its thickest it is incredibly difficult to brush through… makes me feel gross when I can’t brush through it all.

13. New clothes

Buying new clothes and wearing them for the first time is the best… looking at yourself in the mirror like… DAYMN!

12. Flowers

It’s an outdated idea that your partner should buy you flowers when you’re in a relationship but that doesn’t mean getting them doesn’t make me happy.

11. Aesthetically pleasing food

Yes… I’m one of those people who posts photos of their food on Instagram and watches all those videos of the bizarre looking cakes.

10. A musical

I love a good musical. My all time favourite is Hairspray. I know all the words to all the songs and hearing any of them makes me instantly happy.

09. Writing in a new notebook

We all have this one. It’s why we would write extra big towards the end of an exercise book in school so that we could hurry up and get to our new one and start writing in our best handwriting again.

08. Nerdy people

Nerdy people are great. They are so passionate about a lot of things and most of them are fictional. Maybe it’s the writer in me that makes me love them. I would love someone to be that passionate about my characters.

07. Other people’s laughter

Those people who have a laugh better than the joke are the best kind of people to be around.

06. Being called beautiful

Being called beautiful is so much better than being called hot or sexy. I’ll never feel like someone is looking at me like I am a piece of meat when they call me beautiful.

05. Old couples

A reminder that true love does exist and you just have to find it.

04. Dancing (or exercise in general)

Dancing makes me feel free. Exercise releases happy hormones so although I really hate the gym, I love how I feel when the work out is done.

03. Babies who look surprised but haven’t grown eyebrows yet

I just think they’re too adorable when they do that.

02. Dogs

YEAH I’M A DOG PERSON. I would be a cat person too if their fur didn’t make me so itchy.

01. Being in love

This is a feeling that I genuinely miss because I haven’t been deeply and madly in love with anyone for a long time. Maybe that’s just growing up or maybe I’m too broken to ever feel like that again. Either way… That is where I am truly happy.


The Pursuit of Relevancy – Logan Paul

If you haven’t woke up to the Twitter sh*t storm this morning – let me take a moment to fill you in.

Logan Paul (a YouTube star that my NINE YEAR OLD cousin is a fan of, but I’ve never heard of) made a very poor judgement call as he discovered a hanging body in a forest and proceeded to film it and upload it to YouTube. Idiotic, right? Exactly and most of the internet agrees.

I didn’t know who Logan Paul was until this morning so forgive me I had a look in to who he is on wiki.

Logan Alexander Paul (born April 1, 1995) is an American vlogger and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine.[1] Paul later branched out into acting in television and films. His television work includes a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and a role in the comedy series Weird Loners. His film work includes the dystopian science fiction YouTube Red film The Thinning and the adult comedy Airplane Mode. He has also started his own brand called Maverick, named after his parrot.

I have also been made aware that my 9-year-old cousin watches him regularly as he likes the music he makes with his brother (it’s all very “Disney Channel” style though).  Well, after hearing what he did today, I can garuntee you that that kid won’t be watching him anymore.

Everyone on twitter is in uproar because of his disgusting acts. He claims that he is human and makes mistakes – sorry buddy but any human with a bit of sense would know that it’s disrespectful to film and make jokes about a suicide victim. Anyone with a lower subscribe count would have had their account taken down for actions like that and rightly so. He hasn’t. YouTube clearly cares more about making profits than ethics.


Logan has since deleted the video and apologised but his apology has been rejected by almost everyone on Twitter.

Some people did try to defend him after he issued the following apology statement:

#Logang4Life? Don’t think I’ll be hoping on that band wagon. His apology has been critisized by everyone – including celebrities like PewDiePie, Aaron Paul and Sophie Turner. Branding him as ‘pure trash’ and that his apology was ‘self-praising’ – which it was.

So, to Logan Paul: There are plenty of ways to raise awarness of suicide and you do not need to film a hanging body to do it. Your 15 minute videos everyday for 460 days are completely irrelevant now. It’s been pretty clear that you have been working hard to rasie views by doing videos every day but believe me, that was a step to far.

To anyone who is suicidal: don’t let people like this make you feel like your feelings are a joke and a game.

To the family of that poor man: I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you.

I’m BODY POSITIVE but I’m still dieting….

I am all for body positivity and loving the skin that you’re in and yet I am still on a diet and working out. Must mean I secretly hate my body right? WRONG. I have bad days with my body image and so does everyone, no one can love every little thing about themselves all the time, let’s be realistic, but most of the time I’m actually okay with my curves.

Sure, I loved the days when I could fit in a size 8/10 but I’m going to be honest… my tummy wasn’t even flat back then but I was in better health. I’m not saying that a person with extra weight is unhealthy because many  people have a few extra pounds and have no problems at all. I personally have problems because of my weight and no… it’s nothing to do with my heart or blood pressure I can assure you my heart is perfectly fine.

My issue is that I am battling infertility and I need to loose weight to control my symptoms of PCOS and eventually be able to try for a baby when I am ready. I also have hyperglycemia so I am fighting against diabetes which is heriditarywith women in my family.

All of this stuff is to do with how my body works, not my appearance. To be honest, if I was perfectly capable of ovulating without losing weight I’d stay my chubby self forever because I am not a fan of diets or workouts or avoiding sweets (I used to be a bit of a chocoholic).

I just want people to see that dieting isn’t always about hating the way you look, sometimes someone has an internal battle with a part of themselves that you can’t see. Don’t just assume someone hates their appearance because they have started eating better.

On a side note – The people who think plus size models are promoting an unhealthy life and not self-love, you are wrong! They aren’t telling people they need to be like them, they are telling people to learn to love themselves even if you have a few extra pounds. Also, you tend to be the kind of people who are okay with severely underweight women walking the runway – you can be slim and unhealthy too!


I am doing a study into victim protection in the media and I need your help. IPSO guidelines allows the publication of victim’s identities if it is justifiable under grounds of “public interest.” Please answer the poll in the link below: 


Poll ends in 6 days. 

Porn is dangerous…

Most women are no stranger to dealing with creepy men on the internet. I, for one, have had to argue with my fair share, due to the fact that large chested women like me are often seen as nothing more than a nice cleavage to stare into.

I’m used to the comments about my ‘nice tits’ and ‘blowjob lips’, I am no stranger to those. I am not saying that those comments are okay in any way. I’ve just heard them so many times from creepy lost souls who have found their way into my messages that it has now ceased to bother me. These men just seem to think that any woman who posts a selfie on the internet is after their sexual attention… excuse me fellas, I was just having a good eyeliner day.

Although, men seem to think that these comments are okay, I had diluded myself into thinking that men still had some boundaries (even if they are far apart from ours.) To my horror… I received this the other night.

I had dated this guy for a very short time (upon discovering he was a homophobe towards gay men but fetishises lesbians, I really wanted to forget he existed.)  Unfortunately I had made the discovery of his out-of-date attidudes, after sharing a bed with him twice, which is why I felt even worse about recieving this text.

As you can see by the screenshot, I did tell him he was fantasizing about raping me but he tried to justify his actions by claiming he didn’t know it was rape because he had seen it on a porn site.

PORN IS FAKE!!!! Lads, I can’t stress that point enough. Porn is acting, the only reason why it’s not rape on there is because the actress isn’t really asleep. If you were to do something to a woman or anyone for that matter while they were asleep, that is rape. They are not awake to consent.

The porn industry is hugely problematic and does desensitize young people but the guy who was texting me was older than me. He should know better.

So far, in the last few weeks I have seen news stories about a woman who was raped in her sleep by her husband, who recorded it on his phone and a 12 year old boy who raped his 4 year old sister during games of hide and seek, where police had also found porn on his phone. It’s just plain disgusting and shouldn’t happen. Non-consensual sex should not be glorified in any form of media and grown men should know better.