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PRESS RELEASE: Disney Magic coming to Brum

A Disney themed event, Bippity Boppity Boop is set to take place Birmingham on the 2nd December 2017.

The event will be a fun day out for the whole family as children will get to meet their favourite Disney characters, take part in arts and crafts, win some prizes in a raffle and get their faces painted. There will also be live music and food inside.

Bippity Boppity Boop will be held at The Archers Project in Birmingham from 10 am – 4 pm. Entry is only £1 – great for those sticking to a budget in the run up to Christmas.

Local Disney cosplayers and musical talent are still being scouted for the event. If interested please contact Paige Bowater via email:

For more information about the event contact the organisers via 07918842542 or 01217720852 or join the facebook event page to stay updated.

Crime Scenes so close to home…

It’s scary when something deadly happens so close to home. Even with all the police around, you still feel uncomfortable, like the chill of death is just lingering around.Well, last night seemed like an alright night until I woke up to some awful news this morning…

Around 1am, I was disturbed by the flashing blue lights of a police car entering the street and driving down past the allotments. Usually, in my village, the police are out because of the local ‘chavs’ (believe me, even I have made complaints about them before, Had fireworks thrown at me. They missed. Chavs don’t have the best aim).

This morning I woke up to the news that a woman’s body had been found in a blazing car, literally across the road from my house. I can see the crime scene from my bedroom window (featured image).

The event is said to be being treated as unexplained, which makes it all the more frightening.

The victim has yet to be identified in the news. Follow the story on the local news paper here.

The Night

This is beautiful

© The Secret Poetess

The dreamers come out at night to play amongst the stars.

Whilst the demons hide in corners, others in their cars.

Girls wander in the darkness, no older than you were,

Before you knew what love was, when love draped you in its fur.

Puddles lie in gutters with rainbows shining light.

Dip your foot in slowly in case you’re swallowed by the night.

Only poets know the darkness, the time before the dawn.

When love speaks truly – where sorrow is born.

A moment in the darkness, for a life of luminescence.

A night spent awake, for a chance to know your essence.

Sleep can only come for a poetess at dawn.

Even then her sleep can be light, forlorn.

Fret not all those that wander the sleepless valley of night.

It has its moments of deep joy… of desolate delight.

When you listen for the dawn, don’t run…

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Punishing kids with parents on low-income…

So I saw this letter from last year doing its rounds on the internet and all I can think… is WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with this country and it’s education system. Seriously… I was in a good mood but now I’m in a ranting one…


Lunch isolation… what even is that? A punishment for the less fortunate kids? Imagining punishing a child because of their families income… as a matter of fact… imagine punishing the family for that? They have no control over it. They earn what they earn and you should be building them up not tearing them down. Imagine how awful that poor child must feel now!

You are teaching schools that lower class pupils are worth less than their higher class friends. You are teaching them that being poor and poverty is a matter of behaviour and not circumstance, how will they ever learn to help those in need if you don’t have the kindness to do the same?

Get a grip British schools!




Discussion Time: Blogging and Time Management

The majority of the time I just do spontaneous posts but when I have nothing to write about, I have a backup selection of pre-planned draft posts waiting for me. I will get through them all eventually, just trying to keep most of my content as current as possible.

Reading Every Night

When it comes to blogging there is one thing everyone finds tough to handle at first; and that’s the time management behind it all. You sign up to WordPress, create your blog and start posting, and all of a sudden you wonder what you’ve gotten into when all your free time is consumed by a blog you thought wouldn’t require more than an hour of your time each day.

Everyone has their own way of managing the time constraints blogging comes with. Everyone has their own way of managing their schedule so they can get everything done alongside their other day to day tasks. Being 100% honest I’m still not sure how I manage my blog, but at the moment it works so I’m not going to question it too much!

Blogging and Time Management

Blogging and Time Management

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