My first driving lesson!

I wanted to learn how to drive when I was 17… like most people my age would have done but I was denied the opportunity.

Recently, I did work experience for a local newspaper in my home town called the Sunderland Echo and during that time I was advised to learn how to drive. I was just going to ignore it as in the last three years my anxiety had convinced me not to bother as I would only crash or would be incapable of passing a test. Then I went out on some out of office work and for the first time I realised… I needed a car.

I really needed one.

So, I discussed the idea with my family and the offered to help me learn and today I had my first driving lesson.

I was advised to do my lessons and tests in a manual car rather than an automatic because if you learn in an automatic you will never be able to drive a manual car without relearning how to drive because you won’t understand the gears.

I wanted to try and get behind the wheel and see if my anxiety could handle it. I wanted to see if I would just give up but… I loved it. I want to learn even more now. I want to get out on the road.


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