The Clean SlateπŸ“‹

Incredible Pie

Even though her words were porous to absorb the feelings, her innocent mind was a clean slate,

At the topmost cliff, feeling the soothing breeze with her arms spread, she rediscovered herself every moment,

Sliding along the turfed gentle slope, she narrated innumerable tales to the tiny grass, the smiling flowers and the meditating mountains,

The raindrops travelled along her smooth,cottony cheeks and to buttery chin and then to her soft bossom, she shivered and a gentle, innocent smile spread on her face,

She clapped, jumped , tumbled and sang lullabies with the fireflies and began her morning chatting her heart out to the blooming buds and the florescent butterflies,

she was crazy, she disseminated smiles, she was bubbly , she was as pure as the morning dew, she was an innocent girl,

Even though her expressions portrayed so much, her soul was a clean slate!


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