My Unpredictable Moods

Imagine being on a rollercoaster, with the highest and steepest drop which you will go down in less than a second… this is my mood.

I can be at my all time high and the next minute I can be in tears in the bathroom feeling unwanted and alone, wanting everything to go away. But, why?

I have noticed a few factors to my mood that actually contradict themselves a lot and I just wanted to share them with you lovely lot to see if you have ever felt the same.

Clingy People:

I have two opinions over this and it gets quite confusing. I can go from being the clingy girl who always wants you around and who never wants to be left alone, to being the girl who tells you that you can’t stay at her house for another night because the sound of you breathing is irritating me. WHYYYYY????


Call me crazy… but does anyone else always have to have their earphones in when they get on a bus or go out walking because they can’t stand the sound of engines or traffic? I will be in a mood for the rest of the day if I loose or break them.

As for that annoying thing they do when one side breaks but another doesn’t, what the hell is that? You lose half of the notes of the song!

Overly Happy People:

I love happy people, and their happiness can be incredibly infectious but those people who are overly enthusiastic about everything really depress me. I think they just make me realise just how unhappy I am with my life and that makes it worse.

Texting back:

I’m that girl who wants alone time sometimes but feels weird if I haven’t text you at least once for a 5-second conversation that day and trust me… I test you. I won’t text you first sometimes to see if you care and text first… If you don’t I will be in a mood because we haven’t spoke, either through thinking that you don’t care or that it is my fault that we haven’t spoke all day.

Male attention and the dreaded unwanted “dick pic”:

Don’t get me wrong, I like a compliment as much as the next girl but for the love of god, I am a woman, not just a pair of breasts that you can demand to see whenever you want. I like to feel pretty and be told that I am but when it comes to being treated like a sex doll, I feel disgusting.

As for the unwanted dick pics… that’s self-explanatory.

Wonder what will put me in a bad mood next? :/


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