Popularity and Competition (For Writers)

I personally wouldn’t be discouraged by this, I’m not a competitive person. I think it depends on your pre-existing nature as to whether it would effect you.


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From the title, I’m sure you know what I’ll be discussing today.

Before I begin, I want to proudly announce I’ve caught up with some reading and writing. I’m really happy because that’s my major goal for this month, and I want to continue focusing on my craft.

Today, I want to discuss popularity and competition. Yesterday, the results of a writing contest came in from another website. One of my writing friends online, a popular writer on the site, was upset she didn’t win. I tried to console her, but I know when people are sad or discouraged, it’s hard to pull them out of it. Lord knows when I’m depressed over my writing, it takes me days, even months to snap back.

Anyway, the conversation with her got me thinking. I would love to have what she had – reads, votes, comments, and thousands and thousands of followers…

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