Blog Envy

HarsH ReaLiTy

I think we all experience blog envy. I know I’ve experienced it when visiting some fascinating blogs and seeing great comments left for people. I’m not talking about nice remarks or passing compliments, no these are paragraphs long with an introduction, a conclusion, and even questions about their dog Fuffy. How come none of you ever ask me about my dog?

Let’s see, what do I envy…

I envy people that began blogging earlier than me and found success by getting sponsored or picked up. Ok, I’m definitely envious of that. See those bloggers don’t have to write best selling novels, no they are writing the same bullshit I do… but they are getting paid. I’m not talking about those that pay to post or take contract jobs. Good for those bloggers and writers that can commit to the grind. The struggle for me has always been the story of…

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