10 Things Northern People Learn When Moving South

I am just a girl from Sunderland getting lost in life down south so here are a few things I’ve learned about life as a ‘Northerner’ down here,  since I made the big move a few weeks ago.

1. Your accent is “disgusting”

Everyone down here will be more well-spoken than you and many people won’t be able to understand you because you are ‘common as muck.’

2. Everywhere is more varied with culture

As a girl who comes from a primarily white populated city, coming further south and meeting people from various religions and ethnicities has been fascinating.

3. Everywhere is bigger and richer

The buildings are made bigger, the architecture is so much better – it’s beautiful! Why did I ever live up north?

4. Your slang is another language

No one will understand what you say when you use northern slang but it is hilarious when they try to act like they know what you’re talking about. I met someone who thought the Geordie slang word “radgie” was racist… trust me… it’s really not!

5. It’s less racist!

Everyone should know that the further up north you get, the more racist it gets. I’m happier living in a place where I can make friends with people of all cultures and not have a bunch of working class, white people looking at me like, “why can’t that white girl just be friends with white people?”

6. It’s expensive!

I do miss the cheaper nights out back home. Double Vodka’s and cokes were so cheap in comparison to here. I now have to make sure I get drunk at ‘predrinks’ so I can spend as little as possible when I’m out.

7. Girls get approached anywhere…

The chip shop, the bus stop, the street, McDonald’s… anywhere! It’s happened so many times since I’ve been here. Most people back home just try and ‘pull’ in bars…

8. The nightlife is INSANE!

Nightclubs are huge! They have so many rooms and hold so many events. I just wish that Player’s Bar would stop having the same playlist on repeat every time I go in.

9. Everyone stereotypes you

Here are a few of my favourites:

“So are you a Geordie then?”

No I’m a Mackem, actually.

“So are Northern girls as good in bed as people say they are?”

Who told you this stuff, please?

“Do you like onion gravy? Northern people love that.”

Okay…. I’m sorry but what are you talking about?

10. You’ll have the time of your life!

Although, I do get homesick at times I don’t regret my decision to move.




  1. The two biggest things I remember from moving there in the early 70’s were no-one had heard of Dandelion and Burdock and no bakeries had ever heard of a barm cake (bread roll). I had to make some major adjustments to my life like eating pie , mash and liquor from the local chippie. If you haven’t tried that yet it’s a culture shock to a northern soul.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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