Age Of YouTubers: Throwback to the Sidemen Meet Up (Manchester, 7th August 2016)

The Sidemen have been growing in popularity across the internet and have been for some time now. They have millions of subscribers and are fairly well known for their football and gaming content that they post on a regular basis.

The boys live in London but to make it up to their Northern fans they planned a meet up “up north” in Manchester, Etihad Stadium; although this isn’t as far north as some people, including me would have hoped.

The event was held between 2 and 6pm in the Legends Room and offered fans the chance to meet the boys, take photos, talk and play Fifa.

Courtney Greener () and I travelled from Sunderland to Manchester via Megabus to attend the event. We would have preferred the event to be a bit further up north but the journey was worth it in the end. We made sure we got photos and signatures from each member and even had photo booth pictures with Josh.

The event began with an explanation from JJ (otherwise known as KSI) as to why they were late (his decision to have a 25 minute long shower made them miss the train) which was swiftly followed up by a joke from a fan stating that he “can’t Keep Up“. The boys allowed us to “hang out” with them and they give great hugs, by the way (just in case any one was wondering).Ethan was so warm when I went and got a photo with him but he and Josh are very sweet.

Many aspiring vloggers were filming most of the day and a few underage girls thought it was appropriate to cling to the boys and give them ‘crocodile tears’ for attention – no surprise it was addressed on twitter after the event.

Simon, aka. Miniminter, was very shy but not as much as Vik who appeared to feel very awkward when people hugged him. Courtney probably made Simon feel a bit awkward anyway after she asked him to sign her phone case which was covered in his face and I probably didn’t help by commenting upon her “little crush” on him.

Tobi was very easy to talk to and even complimented Courtney’s red hair – which Simon didn’t do despite the fact that red is his favourite colour.

JJ has always been my personal favourite – he’s just so funny and I love his music (apart from Kilimanjaro – because let’s be honest that wasn’t great). The song Friends With Benefits was released shortly before the event and in my opinion it is the best one yet. I had it on repeat for weeks. Courtney managed to get him to do his ‘camp’ voice on video which also allowed her to capture his ‘Scooby-doo-like-laugh.’

Harry was roasted during the Q&A for his baby face – with a fan asking when his 13th birthday is and for his God-awful taste in shorts. Also, during the Q&A, Simon and Ethan were asked about why they didn’t attend Vik’s Birthday – which Ethan had already addressed on Twitter, stating that it was due to personal matters. Sometimes fans believe they have rights to know the personal details of a celebrity’s life because they are in the public eye. When in reality fans should have left it alone because if it didn’t upset Vik then it shouldn’t have upset the fans.

During the Q&A people also asked about the dates that were constantly being tweeted with no context which they refused to reveal on the day of the meet up, but it has now been confirmed as being the book tour.




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