Pokemon Go server crash

As I come from a generation where Pokemon has taken up hours of our lives from the Anime movies, TV series, trading cards and Nintendo DS games, I understandably jumped upon the band wagon of downloading the new Pokemon Go game. 

The ability to go out and simulate capturing Pokemon in the real world was obviously intriguing to the public, whether you have been a huge Pokemon nerd for the majority of your life or not. 
It was obvious that its vast popularity was going to cause problems as the game is considered to be so addictive that many media platforms have blamed it for car accidents and having an impact on mental health despite only being out for a week.
The impact of the game is obviously noticeable as it has been mentioned all over social media. The popularity of the game is said to be more than that of tinder and is soon to expect to overtake Twitter. 

Over the past week since the game being released the servers have been glitchy. This is hardly a surprise during the high demand for trying to catch them all. 

I hope they will be back up soon because ‘I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.’ 


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