5 Reasons Why I Don’t Understand People

1. So many people complain about people acting all big and tough on social media rather than expressing their opinions to someone’s face… Yet we live in a generation who idolises celebrities that have Twitter beef here there and everywhere.

2. You’ve seriously failed as a parent if you put makeup on your little girl before you take her places, why would you want to make your daughter think she’s not pretty the way she is? 

3. I don’t understand people who think breastfeeding is disgusting. It’s a natural thing. I didn’t spend years developing breasts to please men. Nature helped me develop them to allow me to bring health to my future children. I didn’t go through the back and chest pains to be diminished as disgusting when I have children. It’s not right that people who breast feed have to be made to feel humiliated by a misogynistic society who see breasts as a sexualised feature. When I have children I won’t care about society I will breast feed to bring health to my babies and if society doesn’t like it society shouldn’t look.

4. The things shop keepers ask. They ask me if I’m “alright there” rather than asking for the next customer and it’s polite but you know that if you actually told them about how you were they’d think you were crazy for giving them your life story and we’ve all seen Kieran Luckman’s video about them haven’t we? “Do I want a bag?!”

5.So you’re in a relationship and your partner likes another persons photo (more often than not its girls posting about their boyfriends doing this but it can work for any couple) and you choose to write some status ranting on about how it’s “not right” to like someone else’s photo when in a relationship, I see this as a bit controlling. Most people’s self esteem comes from likes of photos these days and if they like their friends photo it doesn’t mean there’s something going on it just means they want to make a friend feel good about themselves. Can we just have less of this controlling attitude because I can’t understand why it’s even an issue?


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