Fame for the Wrong Reasons: Kane Larkin’s social media fame in 2015

Last year, one young man’s name has dominated everyone’s Facebook news feeds: Kane Larkin. This boy has gained Facebook fame through saying anything and doing everything to get attention which has essentially worked, despite him currently being one of the most hated Facebook users at the moment.

The attention rose quite heavily when Kane uploaded videos and snapchats of him having sex on the Internet. He highlighted in a video, giving examples such as Kim Kardashians and Nicki Minaj as being famous for being ‘sluts’. This is obviously incorrect views of these women as they are genuinely famous but it is right that many celebrities release porn videos and the world seems to be okay with it. Perhaps the most shocking part of this scandal would be the age of his fans as some of them are as young as twelve and are being exposed to this inappropriate imagery.

He then began to stir up the internet’s reaction as he posted videos with his boyfriend, Ricky (aged 30) stating that ‘age doesn’t matter.’ This would have been fine if Ricky didn’t refer to Kane with the sickening nickname ‘baby man’. This video had allowed some hate to spread to Ricky, people even falsely calling him a paedophile even though Kane is over the UK age of consent. It even lead to people saying that he wasn’t on the X Factor even though he was.

Kane himself has received hate for touching on taboo subjects such as cancer and suicide. He became well known for telling people to die of cancer across the Internet and then denying it and blaming fake accounts. Robin Armstrong rightly said in a video response to Kane that there are many fake accounts out there that post things that obviously aren’t him but he was found out during he recording of a phone call where it was obviously his voice. He also posted a status claiming to have committed suicide. He begins by pretending to be a family member before asking his fans to like to show they care.

These posts work effectively to increase his following. He has gave his followers the title of “Kinions” which truly emphasises how young these fans are. The followers are mostly of his “haters” who are reinforcing this behaviour. They are giving him the attention he is craving so he will believe that offending people will increase his fame. This is obvious due to the following increase after the offensive video he posted of him mocking Wiz Kalifa and Charlie Puth’s song “When I See You Again” which was dedicated to the deceased Paul Walker who starred in the Fast and Furious films which many people grew up watching.

The followers are a bit hypocritical to as although they hate on him for begging for likes, there are a series of comments where they ask for people to like is they hate Kane Larkin. This is also reinforcement as it gives him more comments and in turn more attention.

Larkin has calmed down for now but when the storm began to blow over he was still receiving hate for how childish he is being for pretending to be panda on Facebook. He isn’t the only hated person on the Internet right now though as Josie Cunningham has appeared on the scene again. She is well known for getting breast implants on the NHS and having an abortion to be able to get a nose job to become a porn star. It became so bad that it was unsafe for her to leave the house. This is becoming the reality for Kane too as it became evident in the video where he was “egged”.

In this present age it’s becoming easier to gain fame from the Internet but it often happens through negative circumstances. If the users of social media didn’t positively reinforce this type of behaviour online then we would have more room for positive fame and recognition rather than overlooking it to be ready to react to posts that make us angry.


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